Our Facilities

Epilepsy Clinic :

Epilepsy is much more common in children as compared to adults. Reasons for epilepsy is different in children. We do understand the sufferings that parents go through when their children are having epilepsy. We at Little Brain Center always try to reach the correct diagnosis and offer the best suitable treatment for epilepsy. We have vast experience in handling a wide range of seizure disorders. To diagnose and treat epilepsy, we have state of art diagnostic facilities such as EEG, ambulatory and inpatient video-EEG monitoring, and epilepsy surgery.

Electrophysiology clinic (EEG/BERA/VEP/NCV/EMG):

Since children cannot tell their problems on their own, its difficult to diagnose childhood neurological disorders. For accurate diagnosis of brain disorders certain tests are mandatory. EEG is needed for appropriate diagnosis of epilepsy. Investigations like Visual Evoked Potentials and Brainstem auditory evoked potentials (VEP and BERA) are necessary screening tests for visual and hearing functions of a child. For muscles and nerve related disorders, NCV and EMG tests are helpful. We at Little Brain Center have a state of art electrophysiology unit with ample space and sound proof rooms. Our technicians are well trained to perform EEG and BERA like tests even in newly born babies. Read more

Neurodevelopment clinic:

In the first 5-6 years of life maximum brain development takes place. Hence it is very obvious to see neurodevelopmental problems like autism, ADHD, Learning disability in this age group. We at Little Brain Center always focus to assess the neurodevelopmental abilities of all children. Since we see the children from NICU period, many a times its possible to pick up neurodevelopmental disorders like cerebral palsy, autism at very early age. At each visit, there is detailed assessment by developmental ...neurologist about any neurodevelopmental problems along with other comorbidities.
In recent years awareness about these disorders is increasing well but at the same time, we have observed a phobia about these disorders in the society. We strongly believe that accurate diagnosis and early intervention in any neurological disorder can lead to better developmental outcomes.
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Autism clinic :

Autism is a disorder of language, behaviour and communication. An autistic child lives in his OWN world and avoids interaction with the surrounding. There are different types of autism with different severities. Instead of falling pray to phobia, if we parent and healthcare providers work together, we can bring very good improvement in quality of life of these children. ...
These children do not need multiple tests or assessments. They just need a basic assessment from any of the assessment scales like MCHAT/ISAA/ CARS.

We at Little Brain Center are trying to run unique WE FAMILY concept to help these children.

-At first visit, child is assessed by developmental neurologist
- Followed this, proper assessment test for ASD is applied by our experts to see the exact functional impairments
- We try to involve maximum family members at FIRST PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELLING session of family to help them understand the needs of their child
- We categorise the child and start OT (Sensory Integration Therapy – SIT) and play therapy
- Child is being further involved in speech therapy once he settles down
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ADHD Clinic:

ADHD means attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. As the name suggests, it has 2 components, deficit of attention and impulsive behaviour.

Majority of ADHD can be settled with behavioural and occupational therapy along with meticulous use of drugs to control ...hyperactive behaviour. We should also try to find any specific reasons or problems child is having which makes him hyperactive.

Occupational therapy:
Everything that a child does each day in the form of Self-care (dressing, bathing, grooming, safety, eating, sleeping), Productivity (attending preschool/daycare and learning) and Leisure (play, social interaction, and having fun) can be considered as child’s occupations.
Occupational therapist is an expert who is specially trained in dealing with modifications of skills of a child which are needed to have normal fine and gross motor development. They help in attainment of normal skills needed for activities of daily living.

Speech therapy:
The screening and treatment of communication issues and speech abnormalities is known as speech therapy. It is carried out by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), also known as speech therapists. Our speech therapist provide speech education for children with autism, language delay, dysarthria, articulation problems.
The Speech and Language Program helps when there is a problem in Talking/Listening/Using clear speech sounds/Using both verbal as well as nonverbal communication in play and regular activity.
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Cerebral Palsy Clinic:

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a group of disorders that affect a person’s ability to move and maintain balance and posture. CP is the most common motor disability in childhood. Cerebral palsy can be diagnosed as early as in first few months of life. Early intervention programme in the form regular physiotherapy sessions help in reducing neurodevelopmental abnormalities. ...

Physiotherapy and Gait Training: Gross motor development i.e attainment of sitting, walking, style of walking are major milestones in child’s brain development. Physiotherapist at our center deal with disorders like cerebral palsy, gait abnormalities.
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Metabolic and Genetic Clinic :

Many of child neurological problems have genetic reasons. Certain biochemical problems (metabolic) can lead to neurological disorders in children. These diseases need very special attention. Early diagnosis of such disorders is essential to start specific treatment and improves child’s brain development.

Genetic disorders can involve more than one child in family. Hence genetic tests are needed for accurate diagnosis and to plan future pregnancy well. ...We at LITTLE BRAIN CENTER have special GENETIC and METABOLIC DISORDER CLINIC where genetic specialist from other cities visit regularly to assess these children and help in treatment. Read more

Clinical Psychology Clinic:

At Little Brain Center , we have dedicated unit of Clinical Psychology especially to deal with childhood psychological problems as well as behavioural problems.

We provide therapeutic interventions to various behavioural problems, anger issues in children, memory problems. Our team practices Cognitive Behaviour therapy (CBT) techniques to treat behavioural issues like bed wetting, difficult and disobedient behaviour. At our centre,we also provide... speech therapy for speech and language disorders.

Intellectual disability (ID) :
Intellectual disability occurs when a child has difficulty with general mental abilities. These may affect their learning, judgement, problem solving, abstract thinking and memory. Sometimes the more severe form of disability also affects the ability to take care of oneself independently.
We thus provide the services of IQ testing with various standardised tests like Binet Kamat test of intelligence, Malins intelligence scale etc.

Why go for IQ testing??
1. If the child has difficulty in studies,
2. If you feel your child is behind as compare to his/her peers.
3. If the child does not understand the simple commands for home tasks,
4. If the child finds simple school activities very difficult,
5. If you feel your child is not able to socialise easily

If you have concerns in any of the above mentioned areas it is better to get evaluated by a clinician. This helps in early detection of the problems and in turn helping in the process of early interventions.

Once the assessment for Intellectual disability is completed, our experts convey the reports to parents in a empathetic way and further need for therapy or remedial education is discussed with them as per the case.
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Learning Disability (LD) :

Learning disabilities are disorders that affect one’s ability in the domains of spoken or written language, mathematical calculations, attention or coordination of movements.

LD’s often go undiagnosed until middle school years once the child starts lacking significantly in school performance

Some specific categories of LD’s are-
1. Dyslexia which causes difficulties with word recognition,... spelling and comprehension.
2. Dysgraphia which results in impaired handwriting, impaired spelling.
3. Dyscalculia which affects the ability to learn arithmetic and mathematics.

At our clinical psychology unit, we use standardized tests like NIMHANS battery of Specific Learning disabilities to rule out any Learning disabilities.
We also teach the remedial activities in individual sessions for improving the specific learning disabilities.
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Ketogenic Diet Clinic

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet that has been shown to be useful in treating epilepsy. We run dedicated ketogenic diet clinic for patients with refractory epilepsy.

WE FAMILY Concept :

-At first visit, child is assessed by developmental neurologist

- Followed this, proper assessment test for ASD is applied by our experts to see the exact functional impairments

- We try to involve maximum family members at FIRST PSYCHOLOGY COUNSELLING session of family to help them understand the needs of their child

- We categorise the child and start OT (Sensory Integration Therapy – SIT) and play therapy - Child is being further involved in speech therapy once he settles down